" Ecommerce " Free Shopify: create your e-commerce website from scratch

Free Shopify : create your e-commerce website from scratch

Creating an e-commerce site becomes a headache, because of the often prohibitive cost of the investment. Indeed, not having much experience in the sector, the neo-entrepreneurs apprehend to subscribe to CMS. As an alternative, Shopify offers its platform for online merchants. They can even take advantage of Shopify free trial to get started in their new business life. How is this possible and what benefits do you get from this Shopify trial?

Shopify free trial: what does it mean?


Single product dropshipping and e-commerce in general are now very popular. Most of those who start their own business hope to make their business profitable, as buying via the internet is more than ever the trend. However, to create his establishment, the merchant needs a content management software. It is precisely to facilitate their task that Shopify was thought. What is it really?

Shopify : webmarketing solution

Shopify in French is actually a content management platform for digital commerce. It works in SaaS modeThis means that it offers storage of company and customer data in the cloud. This means a secure and infinite space to save the files. Beyond that, this application allows the store customization and innovative marketing solutions such as reminders for example. And that's not all! The entrepreneur will be able to do a shopify trial period. What are the ins and outs?

Free or paid Shopify?

In reality, Shopify is a paid CMS like most software available on the market. However, it differs from the competition by offering a Shopify free trial. It should be noted that the purpose of this privilege is to launch the activities of the company at zero francs. This free Shopify store will serve the owner to get used to the digital world and to be referenced by search engines. Nevertheless, this experience is limited in time. In other words, free Shopify for life is not available. Thus, the brand started with shopify free trial 90 days. This Shopify 90 day offer was a great opportunity for e-merchants. So they took advantage of these 3 months free shopify to position their store in top of the Google ranking. In the end, the operator revised its offer gradually downwards.

Shopify free trial: decrescendo offer

It's time to quickly take advantage of free Shopify before the trial period is further reduced. Because it should be noted, the operator continues to reduce the duration of this great offer. Indeed, you had to go through the Shopify 90 days link to get 3 months free shopify. The duration of the free trial has been reduced to shopify free 60 days. As if that wasn't enough, Shopify 60 days has been removed. From shopify 2 months free, the brand went to shopify 1 month free. During these shopify 30 days freeThe merchant can take advantage of the basic offer. It allows for example to download free Shopify theme according to his preferences or add visuals for to better valorize its products. Unfortunately, this opportunity did not last long as we managed to free shopify 50 sales. What this means in practical terms is that the free Shopify trial only lasts as long as the company sells 50 products. Once again the free Shopify up to 50 orders will not have lasted as long. From the free Shopify link before 50 sales, the platform has finally decided to stop at shopify 14 days free. However, no one can predict whether the bonus will stabilize at this duration.

Free shopify trial : take advantage of it

During the offered trial period, it will not only be about installing the free single-product Shopify theme. The merchant must take advantage of this to test all features available on the basic formula. It can for example :

  • Try a payment method to analyze its strengths and weaknesses;
  • to sublimate its store by an original design;
  • try all available plugins;
  • initiate the work of natural referencing.

It is true that there is not enough time to really benefit from the effects of these actions. But it is a good start. On the other hand, what to do when French shopify Is the 14-day free shopify period over?

Reactivate your account after expiration of your Shopify trial period

As soon as the free 14 day shopify is over, the operator automatically disables the account concerned. It is then up to the merchant to choose among the 5 subscription formulas available. These include €8.15 or €26.30 per month. The highest ranges are between €71.65 and €271.19. However, the customer does not have to wait for the end of the Shopify free trial in order to opt for one of the paid packages.

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