" Personal Development "Max Piccinini and the Renaissance Program: our full review!
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Max Piccinini and the Renaissance Program: our full review!

Entered the Top 1 % of revenues French à age from 26, Max Piccinini is also in the news for its programs from coaching pro and his book Success Maximum. Between his incredible background and his leadership, one can easily deduce that this self-made-man millionaire really has the necessary capabilities to lead the coached at success staff.

But is it really the case? This review of Max Piccinini and his program Renaissance should give you the answer to this question.

Max Piccinini: from a difficult childhood to an outstanding achievement

Maximilian PiccininiMax grew up in a family of four children, of which he is the third. At first, he was confronted with his parents' financial difficulties, and at the age of 10, he had to endure their divorce. At 14, he had to face the tragic death of his father in an accident. In short, life has not been kind to him.

However, it didn't take long for him to get his act together and achieve the fulfillment he had dreamed of. Unfortunately, his professional life began with failures, first in the day tradingand then within an American anti-aging cream brand.

So he takes a step back and concludes that this chain of failures can only stop if he decides to. The seminarss, the trainings and the books on the development staff quickly became his daily routine. This routine was not in vain, since at the age of 26, he entered the world of the top % millionaires who are on average 59 years old.

To share his experience and knowledge with the world, Max Piccinini launches into the coaching pro in 2004. Programs from trainings and seminars have enabled him to accompany more than 120000 people in more 25 country different. On social networks, it reaches several million users per month.

Entrepreneur, author of bestseller "Maximum success" and father of a wonderful familyMax Piccinini offers professional coaching to help you :

  • to develop your full potential;
  • Clarify the objective you are aiming for;
  • to achieve fulfillment;
  • and achieve personal success.

Of the many programs it offers, Renaissance seems particularly interesting.

Reviews of Max Piccinini's Renaissance program

In order to give you an informed opinion, it is important that you know the content of the program.


Max Piccinini's Renaissance Program: what is it really about?

It is a 9-month program focusing on 8 key points of the evolution personal. With one audio file per day and a 45-minute to 1 hour 15-minute video every week, you get access to :

  • the development of the 3 C's to boost your self-confidence;
  • to the development of a powerful anti-fatigue and anti burn-out;
  • methods to improve your performance and productivity;
  • methods of dividing time between family, personal success, leisure and work;
  • methods of managing your assets and getting rich (work less and earn more);
  • and an emotional mastery program to get rid of stress and learn how to control your emotions.

You will also be trained in creating harmonious relationships and discovering your purpose. You will also be offered a bonus worth over 8500 euros. It contains monthly web-conferences, videos of Max Piccinini's seminars, free tickets to a "Destination Success!"seminar and many other surprises.

The training is available in three offers Bronze, Silver and Gold whose actual cost ranged from 15,297 to 21,500 euros was reduced to a range of 1197 to 2997 euros. This price variation is due to the specific advantages of each offer.

And that's not all. You will also integrate a community in line where you can share your experiences, learn from other members and ask questions.

So what can we think of this program by Max Piccinini?

It is clear that Renaissance touches all aspects of professional and personal life. Everyone can find their place, develop their full potential, overcome their blocks and achieve fulfillment.

For those who are still in doubt, the first 30 days can serve as a test. Indeed, if during this period, you do not feel any change, you can be reimbursed without protocols after a request in this sense. So don't hesitate to make up your own mind about this program.

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